High School Yearbook Design Cover

High School Yearbook Design

CLIENT: Fresco Creative – Mount St Benedict College

JOB NAME: “Strengthen Your Signal… Make the Connection” 180 Page Student Yearbook.

DATE: January 2016

DESCRIPTION: 2015’s graduating class at Mount St Benedict College (MSB) in Pennant Hills wanted to reflect social media’s impact on their lives in the theme of their Yearbook. Working with the student Yearbook committee and their slogan ‘Strengthen your signal … make the connection,’ the 180-page publication utilises fonts, images and iconography relating to the online world, including Instagram-styled profiles for the Year 12 class, Pinterest-inspired collage pages, iPhone framing devices and a retro typeface from the early days of computing.

My role in this job started with concepting the overall design, which was approved by the client. This included a cover design, and several internal spreads showing how we would use paragraph styles, colour palette, icons, photography and other devices across the rollout of the yearbook. Working closely with the Colleges Marketing Manager, the rollout of the yearbook was quite a smooth process, breaking the project into chapters and communicating daily through the proofing process. The Cover has a Spot UV over the neon-lights of the wi-fi signal and text to give these parts of the design more emphasis and little extra ‘wow’ factor.

Images of some of the brochure can be seen below. Click for larger view. Please note, the design of this publication remains the intellectual property of Fresco Creative.


MSB Yearbook 2015 MSB Yearbook 2015 MSB Yearbook 2015 MSB Yearbook 2015 MSB Yearbook 2015 MSB Yearbook 2015 MSB Yearbook 2015 MSB Yearbook 2015