Society seems pretty divided on setting New Years Resolutions. And I can totally see why.  If you’re going to say “This year I’ll start going to the gym” you’re doomed.  If you want to get fit and healthy, start NOW, not some future date.  “Lose weight”, “Quit smoking” and other such resolutions I think fall in the same category.  But having said that, I love setting myself a resolution each year.  I just keep it achievable and fun.

Last year I challenged myself to “Be able to ride my bike with no hands”. This was something I’d just never been able to do as a kid, and having recently purchased a cute vintage-style bicycle for myself I decided it was time to learn this skill.  I practiced in my basement at first, and then on my rides along the river.  By the time I went on holidays to California in May I was pretty competent, and when riding bikes across the Golden Gate bridge on our last day in San Francisco I showed off to my travel buddy by riding with no hands for a solid 30 seconds. Hahaha. By years end and now I’ve totally aced this skill, being able to ride and steer no hands, no problem.

This year, I’ve decided to “Learn to hula-hoop”, another childhood skill I never managed to master.  I’ll be looking to youtube to help me with this one.  Who knows, maybe my 2015 resolution could be “Ride a bike with no hands while hula-hooping”…



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